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  • Doing this now I’m exactly 37 weeks. I was checked at my 36 weeks and cervix still closed. Will have another checkup in 2 days will see if there’s any progress..

  • I did this workout 3x today and went on a 3 mile walk afterwards. Ive been having prodromal labor for days, hoping it works! I'll come back to update

  • Iam now in 39 week…I doing this exercise… continues for 3 days….my labor pain was started at Wednesday night….and baby will born in Thursday morning 6 :30 …..tq so much…..

  • Is it ok if i start with it in week 36?

  • Doing this for past 8 days, still no sign of labour

  • Just did this workout. I'm 38 + 4 and I've been 1cm dialated for 4 weeks now lol let's see if it works.

  • Can I do this exercise in 8 months

  • I did this work out 2x when I was 40+2 days and the next morning I went into labor! Thanks so much!!

  • I did this exercise for the 1st time on Wednesday the 18/09/21 the day I turned 38 weeks. 2am on the 19/09/21 water broke, labour started at 3:30am by 5:21am we welcomed our BBB. we both back home and are absolutely doing great. Ladies go ahead and try this exercise if you can it may work for you.

  • Hy can i start it from my 35 week? Please guide me.

  • 38+2 today. We’ll keep yall updated

  • can i try this at 37.5 ?

  • Wife did this at 37 weeks 4 days. Had baby within 36 hours, she was head down and ready to go🤙

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