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  • Gentle and basic, this short restorative yoga for relaxation routine will allow you to get a deep stretch while relaxing in propped positions. Think of this as a glorified nap! Try the 💙 HIPS SLOW STRETCH:

  • This is a wonderful restorative sequence! I love that it's short enough to squeeze into a busy morning with the kiddo, but is still enough restorative yoga to relax me and my ever-tight body. Thanks!

  • Blessings Sarah for posting this practice. 💛

  • is this safe during pregnancy?

  • I have done this video so many times now & still love it! If you do another, longer restorative class with a bolster I promise I will add it to my forever yoga rotation as well 💜 Thanks so much for your wonderful, oh so relaxing videos!

  • I just love this sequence and do it almost every day. Thank you so much <3.

  • this was a nice bonus segment to a session i'd done prior. thank you!

  • Hello. Thank you for this instruction. I am considering the purchase of my first bolster. I like Manduka, but the reviews of their bolster are mixed. Can you recommend a good bolster? Thank you.

  • finshed day three of a 10 day pilates challenge. It's good but ends abruptly. Decided to finish with this class and it was EXCELLENT. Great movements which gave good stretch and comfort with support . Thank you

  • It is so calming 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Thanks loved the video

  • Lovely 😌

  • My only complaint is it wasn't long enough. Next time I will pause the video to stay in the poses longer. Awesome video.

  • Thank you Sarah for all your content. You've been there in the powerful days and on the down days too. I send you love from the peaceful in me to the peaceful in you. Namaste 🙌❤

  • 🙏

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