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  • Loved this sequence!! So relaxing and energising at the same time.Thank you Madeleine 🙂

  • beautiful. But try to sip on some water , between the voice-over. Your mouth was dry during this voice over that it was coming thru the mike, the sound of dry mouth and its as irritating as someone chewing a food with open mouth. Those who usually drink alcohol or cig tend to have a dry mouth. I have noticed this in other videos of yours. Instead the video being relaxing , it was kind of unpleasent to the ears. I had to close it without watching it completely. Gives me goose pimples. Hope u understand it and take it as a constractive criticism.

  • Wow love this video! These are all poses that I love to do and I love backbends so I couldn't have made a better sequence for myself if I tried! Haha hope you do more yoga videos x And p.s. I love your mat and leggings 🙂 Also just wondering how long you've been doing yoga for?

  • I love your video esp the yoga ones. I have started practising yoga because of your videos. Thank you.

  • hi madeline I looovvveee your yoga videos soo much!! your the only yoga instructor on yohtube I do and I just do your videos! I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my flexibility from starting yoga and I feel so much more bendy! I now loovvee yoga and would wish for you to do more!! Thank you so so much your whole channel is right up my alley and its absolutely amazing as well as you xxxx

  • PLEASE do a yoga DVD!!! It would be an instant success. I love your style and your voiceover is so calm and relaxing. So glad I discovered you. I love your passion and positivity. xxx

  • This was amazing…thank you x

  • I tried doing this…only got to 4 minutes! Please do some more yoga videos! : D

  • love these!! please do lots more – esp like a night time one! or one for stiff backs! x

  • please do more yoga videos, yours are the only ones I like

  • Hi there, I love you videos! Could you please tell me where your yoga mat is from? …. And what brand please? It's gorgeous! X

  • Those little moments like taking your yoga class make my day 🙂 ♡

  • nice composition, tasteful production design, superb voice over. best yoga vid i've seen so far!

  • Can you do a handstand tutorial next time?

  • so cute, I'm going to practice it wearing my shiny leggings! 🙂

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