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  • Perfect workout, if you have knee pain!:-))

  • Thank you. I was scrolling to see what I could do. I have close to 4 week recovery. Foot stress fracture. This was perfect for right now.

  • This video was fantastic. There is 100% a shortage of chair workouts for lower body pain, older people, mobility issues. Its doesnt frighten people, its a great way of begining exercise too. I've used it as i have had foot surgery. Im on the hunt for zero impact on my feet, but something that gets my heart rate up and i feel like I've actually 'worked out'. I hope theres another seated or floor video like this Amy. You've done so well 👏🏻💗

  • Thank you so much for this video. I live with daily pains that don't allow me to workout like I use to be able to. Have gained weight because I can't excercise often. You are so awesome, very encouraging. I didn't feel bad when I couldn't do certain excercise while watching. I felt like I actually worked out, feels good, so thanks again. This is definitely added to my healing journey routine.

  • love it. simple and effective. GOOD STUFF!!!

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