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  • Let me know if you'll be taking on the 10 minute squat challenge or if you have any questions about any of the ground sitting positions I show down below in a comment!

  • 50: when my left leg its in internal rotation, i started to feel some inner knee pain, what can i do for this? i switch to a desk floor and really have inpruve all my hip problems but hey there now i have knee ones :8 (hypermovily person here) thank you c:

  • Thanks, I like you talking in every pose, about how to sit in it. How do you get so good audio quality? regards Palle

  • I Watched a Football Match and Tested all ones for some minutes each. Thanks for this collections 🙂

  • 9:53 what exercises woould you recommend for bent pelvis ?

  • This is so good, thank you!

  • The 90 90 and the other similar one, can’t touch it, how do I progress into this?

  • There's some weird audio editing on this. The voiceover is only in the left ear, and the background music is only in the right ear.

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