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  • I do this almost every month for 3 years now. Its really amazing. It helps me so much psychically and mentally

  • the eagle legs pose was definitely my favorite! on my period my back gets stiff and tense and that just softened everything and cracked my back a bit! thank you for this sequence

  • eagle pose was amazing, my back needed that

  • Can i do it if i have multiple small fibroids in my uterus

  • Thank you this helped me <3

  • God I hate being a woman

  • Ayo nonbinary yogi uterus check…

  • Thankyou miss it helped me a lot “Almost worked 100%” for me
    Was about to take a Medicine but I didn’t need it anymore 🙏🏼(from India)

  • Yeah, this 13 min yoga has so many poses that are very effective. I felt so good after. I really appreciate it. 🌹

  • The poses with the heat pad were my favorite. I was thinking about heating it up anyway!

  • It felt like it didn't work at first but when I got up my stomach felt so much better, thanks for making this video it helped me

  • This was amazing! Child’s pode with the hot pack was just what I needed! Thank u so much for this practice

  • i’ve always felt that fear and apprehension to practice sequences, or sequences at all because of my period! i struggle with endometriosis and terrible PMS, it has really gotten in the way of my practice. i am currently completing yoga teacher training and i wanted to find poses that work well to help relieve some of that pain, but also allow me to get my practice in. these sequences are an absolute lifesaver. thank you so much, sarah beth!! you are my inspiration! 🤎

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