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  • Thank you for being an amazing free resource for those of us who were unable to afford or are intimidated by starting yoga! You rock my socks 💜

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  • Appreciate the practice and always appreciate your thoughtful quotes you include. I would like to ask you reconsider the quote used on this one. I understand the power of positive thinking and seeing opportunities, but the quote upholds the racist and colonizing view of people living on the continent of Africa needing saving from “western civilized” people.
    Thank you.

  • Got this one in before work! Thank you!

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  • Thank you so much! I did this practice many times and it is so helpful to wind down after a long day. I also really appreciate the quote from " Happiness Advantage". That is one of my favorite quotes from all your quotes selections. I like it so much and I can recite it. It reminds me of being positive every day. Thank you, Lesley!

  • 🙏

  • That felt great!

  • 050221 At the end of a week spent at my desk in front of my computer, this felt great. Thank you. Namaste.

  • just found out she passed away after i did this quick video… i can't believe i'm just hearing this now, 2020 was a complete disaster! i'm so sorry for the family, what a wonderful lady she was !
    fightmaster was one of the first yogis i followed when i started yoga at home in 2014. her smile, voice and grateful reminders, so sorry to hear this loss.

  • Love all the poses but this is way too fast. I found myself pausing and rewinding the video a few times bc I needed to hold on some of the poses a bit longer

  • Thank you Fightmaster Family

  • This one really helped me and I loved the quote! Thank you lovely Lesley, we are blessed to still have your light sparkling here through your videos ❤️

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