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  • is straight position not an option?

  • Don't forget the all important knee pillow! I cannot sleep on my side without it.

  • As a vampire I sleep hanging upside down sometimes. Or flat on my back in my cozy coffin. no problems to report

  • If you know Brad and me. That’s correct. How can we check that?
    If you know I , doesn’t make sense. You would never say “If you know I.”
    If you know me sound correct and is correct.

  • At 0:57, "if you like Brad and me or Brad and I" One way to quickly test this is reverse it: "If you like I and Brad" hmmm that doesn't sound right. "if you like me and Brad" that's better! Now we know it should be "Brad and me"
    Another way to test is to use each singularly: is it "if you like me" or "If you like I" ? Now you know.

  • I curl up in a ball like when I sleep!why?

  • not saying theyre wrong but im 19, sleep on my stomach preferably, like atleast 8 of 10 times and have NEVER had a headache

  • I sleep on my left side with pillow between my knees

  • Thanks sir igot rilif

  • Will someone please tell me which position did they told to sleep.I haven't see the video.

  • love the jingle!

  • You take your intrawebs fame WAY too seriously. Lighten up, men! Great info here for those of us who keep looking for the more ideal sleeping position(s). I used to sleep on my stomach, but the increased girth has made that a no-go anymore!!!

  • Why am I watching this??? I don't even sleep.

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