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  • Hope you guys enjoyed doing this lower body stretch with me! ❤️ Would you like to see more stretching videos? Leave your requests below! Xx – Maddie

  • OMG I can't even tell how much I love your videos; specially your stretch videos 😍😍😍
    Thank you ❤

  • Such a nice stretch! Exactly what I needed after an intensive leg/glute training day

  • Hi Maddi thanks so much for this stretch. Being an office worker I would love a lower back and hips stretch! Thanks so much for all your workouts – I so enjoy them

  • Haven't stretched for 2 weeks ended up with sitting in bed cause I can barely walk my legs
    This one was very hard but absolutely worthy guys

  • Love this one … please more specific stretching routines <3

  • I'm a huge HUGE fan of your stretches rutines! I started not going further than half my thights and now I'm almost touching my feet! I wish you had even more LOOONG stretches rutines, they have helped a lot with my anxiety and have given a lot of confidence in myself! so please please PLEASE more long full body stretches rutines!

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