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  • Absolutely Donald over Daffy

  • Donald – I'm Team Disney

  • I feel so much looser and ready to move through my day!☀️

  • Sean this kicked my ass. It had been too long and I'm out of breath typing this. I'll be doing this more regardless of the available space in my house. I think I'll use my drive way. I'm going to adapt and over come!

  • Daffy duck

  • Needed that. Thanks!

  • Legend!
    Much love ✌️

  • Yea I hear ya! I can't believe how much mobility I've lost since going back to work. Been doing way too much sitting and hardly any stretching for the past 4 months and my body feels like garbage. I won't be neglecting my workouts from now on tho…definitely not worth it! This workout was amazing and boy did I need it! Thanks Sean! Oh and Donald Duck!

  • Great flow coach. Made me realise how limited my mobility is. 👍👍👍👍

  • Ja, wo sind nur die Leute? 😉 Thanks for that wonderful stretch.

  • Love this flow thanks Sean for being so awesome. You got me into YOGA!

  • hey coach V am so stiff i cant even sit cross legged lol should I keep my feet straight out at the start or just fold as much as possible. My only fear is my posture is terrible when doing the beginning stretches trying to get my legs crossed

  • Daffy, his laugh is funny. Poor Donald is just too angry for me. 😄
    The lizard variation in this video was very helpful!

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