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  • I hope you enjoy this gentle, feel good, routine! Make sure you subscribe for a new yoga video each week! šŸ™šŸ½ SUBSCRIBE:
    Try the šŸ’™ HIPS SLOW STRETCH:

    Sarah Beth

  • Great relaxing stretches before bed!

  • I really liked this. It's a good amount of time and doesn't get me energized like some bedtime routines do. My only suggestion would be a little time at the end so I can roll over and stop the video before the Fazzoli's ad comes in hot haha.I'll definitelt do this one again. Thanks.

  • Thanks Sarah.
    I got a remarkable relief from aches on my back

  • Oh this was so delicious to do for my lower back before bed. Sarah, thank-you šŸ™‚

  • amazing – truly – I have been taking care of my Dad, and this was everything that I needed. Ā 
    Thank you for a beautiful calm start to the new year.

  • Who in the world is down voting this? I can't believe how amazing these videos are.
    Namaste šŸ™

  • Today Iā€™m dealing with horrible ovulation pain + really sore back from overdoing it in kickboxing the past two days. Still sore but this practice did soothe the pain some!

  • This one was really relaxing, just what I needed.

  • Thought of leaving a comment for so long. Getting to it now. There has been not a time when this routine has not relieved my back pain. I developed disc dessication during my grad school days and while working on my thesis. While it was initially too painful to manage, I stumbled upon this video. This has been my go to routine for years now. Many thanks Sara. You are truly a lifesaver. ā¤ļø

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