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  • let the human animal play ✌

  • Really nice, thank you! It's so energising!

  • Hi guys, I was wondering what yoga routine is the one that you would both practice everyday if you had to choose one? And if your choice has evolved according to what you've learned thus far to something that hasn't been created yet, then could you show us? I'm looking for a yoga routine that I could practice everyday (something that targets absolutely everything), something that could be accessible to everyone. You should call it your signature routine. Alexis Bravo.

  • I get pain in my lower back, around 30 seconds into doing seated meditation is this normal?

  • Just knocked this out!!! 🦍

  • That was really fun! I've done it twice now. Can you make some longer ones with primal movement?

  • You are my favourite athletes! 🙏

  • Very nice wake-up flow 🙂

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