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  • That was so great! Thank you!

  • This is my new favorite! Thank you Kassandra, I have been following you for about 2 years now.

  • Wonderful! Namaste x

  • Good morning Kassandra. Namaste & thank you for providing these wonderful guided classes. They are a saving grace ✨🌈

  • Great class wow loved it. I feel like I'm floating. 😊

  • Again kassandra, thank you! Needed that before another week of homeschooling 3 children!

  • HI Kassandra – I practice on a rotating basis with you and a couple of other on-line teachers – I SO much appreciate how you "do" savasana "with" the "class" – some other teachers just say goodbye and tell you to rest after they sign off, I would say for me it is more centering and effective to also have the teacher participate – whether online or in-studio – thanks again for all you do!

  • Just lovely!

  • This was lovely ☺️ thank you!

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