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  • Much love for this class 💖

  • I love all Alo yoga and this one especially during pregnancy

  • Best prenatal class of yoga!!! Thanks so much! It was a real class and not only stretching🧘🏻‍♀️ Blessings!!!! 🧡💛🧡

  • Absolutely loved the practice today.
    1. The stretches were thorough and calming.
    2. Neatly paced.
    3. Excellent breath work.
    4. Soothing voice and pleasant backdrop.
    5. Bolster stretch was sheer love for my lower back.
    This is surely gonna be added in my weekly rotation.

  • Great practice, thank you!

  • Second time here, and I wish this video was uploaded before I gave birth to my first, it helps me a lot, thank you!

  • Looks very great for the mothers who have been doing the practice .. However i would like to add when you get up from posture specially for pregnant women both hands to should be on their waist than slowly come up .. Without supporting you back coming up can be very dangerous for pregnant woman ..

  • Almost 37 weeks here, enjoyed every minute of it. Tho had to skip laying down part. Thank you

  • First time trying out yoga during my pregnancy and this was perfect. Even got in a little sweat.

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