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  • 30 Minute Beginner Rebounding Yoga Flow. I am so excited to bring you this brand new rebounding workout. Leave a comment and let me know what else you would love to see on my channel. Happy Holidays!

  • Oh my, Laura, I love this!!! Such a great body mind connection. I knew my body didn't have much flexibility. When started in legs crossed sitting position, my knees sat high. At end I was able to lower my knees down better after hip joints were loose. Thank you so much, would love to do more of this beginner Yoga moves. I didn't have a Rebound but was able to keep up with my big ball and matt. Hugs

  • Really enjoyed yoga with rebounder. It was awesome! Thank you.

  • Loved it! Please make more!!! Suggestion, adding some background music.

  • Ooo I liked this and I usually hate yoga! Only a few things were painful 😂

  • I really liked this. When I went to look for yoga with a rebounder on YouTube, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope to find that combo; but you came through! LOL Personally, I would love to have a faster paced, more advanced version of this, both in terms of the yoga and the rebounding. But thanks for this, because it was great.

  • This was awesome! I just bought a Jumpsport Pro 550f and I was wondering if there were any yoga rebounder exercises on Youtube. I found this video while doing a search and tried it. I had always hated doing yoga poses on the floor because of knee and lower back pain. This workout allowed me to be able to do exercises that I otherwise would/could never do. This video will now be a weekly routine I do and I added it to my workout collection.

  • Hi Laura. I did a search for yoga on the rebounder and you popped up! I did the work out. I couldn't do the boat pose to well but I'm assuming with practice, I will get better I hope. You are fun and vibrant and hopefully I will at last be motivated. I've been told yoga is the exercise for me by the blood type diet. Thank you again! Hope for more to come!

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