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  • That could be my favorite PopSugar workout ever. Perfectly intermediate and absolutely fun. Thank you, Eliza!

  • I love this workout. Thanks

  • I love the background music.
    Team Kenya, feel the sounds of Kenya ❤❤

  • So boring 😪

  • This workout made me shed 40lbs after I had my son last year…I’m due again with my baby girl on christmas and I’m excited to do this again! All u have to do is eat clean,drink a lot of water and have patience. This video actually saved my life thank you popsugar🤍🤍🤍

  • Great workout, but not many kickboxing elements. Also, really fast transitions, so if you need more time, you will miss 2-3 reps.

  • This was a really good workout!

  • I’m trying to get into fitness and usually hate everything (I usually just suffer through) BUT this was SO fun. I was so surprised to find myself actually enjoying this workout. Thank you!

  • 31.25 bro they look asleep😂😂😂

  • The best workout ever! I am not the most advanced person when it comes to working out but I could do all of this!

  • PE 🙄

  • I really like the workout but am distracted by the lady in the back interrupting the teacher all of the time. Can't watch it

  • That was an amazing workout! I can't wait to try more!

  • can’t believe a workout could be this fun. I love the positive energy! thank you 💖

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