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  • This particular back discomfort guide book honestly amazes me, look for Go ogle Kenzano Ayb. The plan was the reason why my knees, hips and back are realigned. As I wake up every morning, I really do not feel ache any longer. The condition of my knees has extremely improved ever since I began using this.

  • Thank You Doc! My back is greatful to you. I'm amazed that it gave instant relief. Now I can happily go to sleep

  • Im here for covid and ps4 and no schooo wby

  • No sciatica pain because I have starting making use of truly takes pressure off the back. Look for Go ogle Kenzano Ayb to find out more regarding this back problems guidebook. Using this, you could sleep in various postures. I now feel safe with my hip pain already removed.

  • Thank you doc

  • wow!

  • Please do a video for lower back pain after c section.. it will be very helpful for ladies like us.

  • What exercises do you recommend for degenerative osteophytic bridging of the right SI joint anteriorly?

  • Awesome cheers bro. Started sitting down more for work because I drive more now. This has helped.

  • i sit down alot at my work and your video has helped me alot

  • Thank you!

  • I'm watching this sitting down whilst pain in my lower back, what were the odds lol.

  • Definite relief from hip pain due to prolong sitting..thanks a lot for these exercises

  • Thank you!!! I've been having awful back pain and I was doing stretches for it, but nothing helped enough. The hip drop stretches have really alleviated the pain, I can't thank you enough!

  • somale

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