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  • Thanks

  • Thank you, I underwent SI joint fusion on 6/11/21 and am searching for exercises to stabilize my core. If you could recommend any besides these great ones you’ve provided, I’d be ver great full.

  • You are wonderful x x thank you ❤️

  • Hi
    Thank you for this.
    I’m 71 years old and had a Corda Equina operation 2.5 years ago.
    I have now developed pain and my physio asked me to do these exercises.
    When I do the bridging exercise I get cramps in my legs. Anything I can do about it?

  • I am 71 years old.
    Had a Corda Equina operation 2.5 years ago. Was walking 35 to 40 minutes everyday.
    About a fortnight ago I developed pain in my back and it travelled to the side and down my leg.
    My physio says it is a SIJ pain.
    I get cramps on my thighs when I do exercises 1 and 4. What should I do? I’m a female and am from south east Asia

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