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  • This is my new favorite video. ❤️

  • wow really unusual thank you 🙏

  • Few this was hard but rewarding

  • Perfect 👌 🤩

  • lovely delicious stretchy feeling after. Thank you

  • Wednesday, 10/21/2020. Did not jive today. Perhaps another time. Thank you, as always.

  • I loved this sequence – exactly what I needed for my stiff obliques!

  • This is my absolute favorite go to class! Thank you so much Kassandra!

  • its like a sprint to see how many stretches you can fit into 45 mins ……. the moves were good but i wish you would have slowed down a bit to actually do the stretches not just race through everything. .

  • pride goeth before a fall, perhaps – but I cannot help but feel proud of myself – and refreshed – when taking time after a busy day on the road to do yoga with Kassandra! 🙂

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