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  • How this was great…! I did this after my morning workout I just started and this was so calming… I’ve never done yoga before this was amazing 🤩

  • This was so needed. Thank You 🙏🏽

  • Thank you for this! I adore yoga, and I find this yoga full body stretch very convenient, as it is after all only five minutes long, and very helpful to do after a workout. 🙂 Lots of thanks coming from New York!

  • I hope I'll be great for me
    I'm trying it daily
    U know how much stressed I am but by doing it today I felt nice 😌 and calm
    Thank you ☺️💖🌷🌷

  • I really felt the blood pumping and my back cracking in the cobra pose, very much needed this in my life and thank you so much!

  • Love it! I need to work on stretching my body and I definitely will be subscribing.

  • love this one 😍

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