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  • I find your suggestions extremely useful.

  • Great video, and you mentioned posterior pelvic tilt which made me curious: I've have knee pain sitting cross legged for a long time now and also seem to have an anterior pelvic tilt. Is moving into a posterior pelvic tilt required for sitting cross legged?

  • Parkash sir it's very good but I can't do bcos of knee pain please suggest can I do it slowly

  • hello sir ..i can do vajarasan for 20 mins but while doing cross hips are very much above ground and in pain when i push them …will these exercises be enough?

  • your vpice is like ashish chanchlani

  • sir merko ankylosing spondylitis kya mei ye kr skta hu ???

  • Sir mere se dono foot ko jod krr niche ni betha ja Skta hu j exercise sa thk ho jaygaaa

  • Sir i am a student !
    In 2015 i met with an accident and went for a surgery ( that is for joining my right leg broken bone at thighs).
    After which i loses very much of my both legs flexibility . The point where doctors did surgery was my hip joint.
    That is the reason i cannot sit on ground with legs crossed neither i can use Indian toilet anymore . help me please my friends always make fun of me

  • Sir can i get your whatsapp please only for help

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