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  • Do you have you have a yoga nidra class? You should.

  • Happy new year! This was a great way to end the first day of a new year, which I bet we were all ready for! Cursed 2020 is gone forever, yay! You should make a new year's yoga video, like a morning yoga session, it would probably get us ready for a new beginning. Stay strong everyone!

  • I feel better!!!! ❤️❤️💜🖤💛💙

  • 1 hr 33 minutes of 30 day stuff + this = goodnight❤😴

  • i have insomnia and when ever i watch this video it makes me very sleepy. this video is very useful

  • I'm sure Adriene knows that I come to this video so often because it's the shortest nighttime yoga video, and when I've told myself I'll do some yoga today but procrastinated for 15+ hrs, this is where I end up. But man, I never regret clicking. N'night everyone.

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