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  • all my favorite poses 🙂🙏

  • I have one question, these poses that you are doing. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TAUGHT TO DO ANY OF THOSE IN YOGA CLASSES IN INDIA.
    People outside India perhaps are doing a distorted version of Yoga.

  • If you do Iyengar Yoga, a much older form of Yoga, with a very precise, measured and disciplined way of entering into the pose — ALWAYS maintaining correct form – it is unlikely that you will hurt yourself. Iyengar teachers are very well qualified and knowledgeable about minute body positions and changes and track them as they talk you into the pose, suggesting small changes and shifts all the time in order to maintain strong form and alignment. There's a lot of nonsense and sloppy yoga going on these days. I also find these forward bends very energizing for my lower back and general flexibility in the day. And it is not done with a rounded, sloppy back, falling into the pose, as was demonstrated by the tall physio here. When you flex from your hips you only go as far as that will tolerate it…then you don't aim to get your head on your knees. That's not where the stretch is.It is in the hips. And you ease with proper breathing and concentration to as far as your hips will take you. The way it was demonstrated here was terrible. Iyengar Yoga is probably the safest yoga there is. BKS Iyengar was a master of insight into the body's composition in all its parts.

  • So no windmills either ?

  • I have been wondering this since starting yoga a few months ago

  • So, basically… any bending and twisting stretches are bad on your back disc? Okay, what about lying down and twisting to stretch your sides?

  • Hi Bob and Brad. I'm a yoga practitioner/student/instructor, and thank you for taking the time to shoot this video. However, I will say the third pose at 7.14 is not exactly an accurate representation of either side angle pose, or triangle pose . These poses can also be modified with blocks, chairs or even the wall, for support, and so many variations are available, so I think it's important to discuss these too. Thank you.

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