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  • Hey everyone! Are you trying to lose weight? How is it going?

  • By the time she's doing one , you are counting three !!!! What a voice over …..running faster than the video 🙄

  • I was doing the last one and not my stomach but my abs started moving 😳 I’m not joking I HEARD THEM

  • Is it really work??…. please anyone tell me this🙏🙏

  • Jumping jack

  • Thanks you verrrrrry much🥰🥰🥰

  • Thank you so much Bright Side😘

  • Tracking my progress
    Day 1: Kind of hard to follow. Couldn't do 3 reps for all excercise.

  • This is merely a hint. Too quick !!!!! Playback at 0.5x or lower is much more effective. For the time exercises, I utilised my own stopwatch.

  • Should we follow any deit

  • recording my results!
    day 1: not much of a change. Tomorrow is day 2!

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