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  • Buy a printable worksheet with the ACL Tear Stretches & Exercises in this video here:
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  • Hi can you tell me how many times a day I should be doing these excercises please ?

  • Very useful guidelines mam,,,,,tnx,,,,,,

  • I had ACL surgery almost a year ago I stop rehab after about 3month. My knee do not have full extension can I do these exercise to help or is it to late

  • ACL partial high grade tear. Do you recommend non-surgical recovery method ? Will I be able to recover completely without further making it worse since I don't play any sports ? Will follow these excersice Please advice.

  • Hello Doctor , can i do cycling or elíptica exercise with torn ACL ?

  • Hi mam…I have acl tear left knee…can i cure without surgery… my mri report is ..acl discontinuly in fibres mid segment…what it means please explain it complete tear or partial tear…regards…

  • Very helpful. Some of these started off as very difficult but after a few days I can do them all and my knee is improving nicely.

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