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  • It was a love at first sight once I arrived to Kalymnos. Have you been to this island? Would be interested to know your favourite climbing destination(s) in the world? For me, Kalymnos is for sure on the top of the list 🥰

  • thank you for the yoga flow! I really enjoyed this one. I am super jealous of all the beautiful climbing destinations in Europe. Currently, my favorite climbing destination is New River Gorge West Virginia, USA. It has lots of accessible climbing and a cool little small town with enough resturants to keep you full. Maybe one day I will make it out to europe to go climbing 🙂

  • Another great and awesome flow. Thanks a bunch 🙏🏻🤙🏼.

  • Very nice flow! Fontainebleau is a really nice climbing area!

  • such a lovely flow, thank you!

  • Klymnos looks amazing! 🤩

  • Thanks for the practise. I do like Kalymnos, maybe I'll be back some time. It is raining quite hard in England now.

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