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  • I love this routine so much!! My most favorite yoga routine ever!🥰 Plus it’s Karina inspired (she’s my bias) !🤍🧘🏻‍♀️

  • Could you do a pilates version?

  • Can you please do Enhypen workout . I really love your workout . Love from India . Saranghe 💜 💖. And please add Kpop songs to your workout sure it would be amazing And I really love you. You never me sad or disappointed Mish Choi ❣️

  • i feel so good after omg ~~

  • Will this help with weight loss?

  • Started doing this yesterday, my balance isn't what I thought it was 😩

  • Can You can make a video of wonyoung ive of pilates

  • Thank you !

  • I keep losing balance trying to do this, but i guess thats just more room for practice and improvement .
    Through, my body feels so much more relaxed after doing this.

  • .

  • thr wild things poseeeee is so hard my hand keeps shaking how do i overcome thisss

  • day 1 ✅ it was hard my hands were shaking
    day 2 ✅ became even harderr

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