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  • useful!!

  • Thank you very muucchhh!!!!

  • "if you're skinny and it hurts your butt", yeah amigo, that's of no concern to my fat butt lol

  • 2:55 ive just farted..

  • one problem when trying to find a good office chair (because your job requires sitting) is that most "ergonomic" office chairs actually encourage anterior pelvic tilt…. especially for those of us that deal with it

  • Thanks, dude, this is absolutely usefull

  • Very nice and informative
    Got to learn alot
    Thanx for helping
    Needed this badly

  • what's your opinion on lumbar pillows? I have one for my recliner & my wheelchair, I have cerebral palsy & I sit alot so I need back support

  • how is sitting with the soles of your feet on the chair also, so the knees are slightly below chin level? I find that very relaxing.

  • How should I be sitting on my couch? I am 6 foot tall and my legs are too long to sit like this. And because the seat cushioning is so soft I tend to sink into anterior pelvic tilt naturally. I can put an office chair in my living room but I want to be sitting comfortably on the couch too, to watch a movie or game for a few hours. So, how can I game and watch tv without ruining my posture even more while being allowed to relax?

    Edit: very helpful video by the way. Easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Very useful. Thank you

  • what if you have apt on one side

  • Thank you, I just couldnt sit any other way🙏

  • I just realized after probably 20+ years that I have anterior pelvic tilt. Always wondered what was going on and what my lower back issues were.

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