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  • Thanks Alexia, this is exactly what I have been needing!!!

  • That is an amazing exercise for the chest and back.

  • Wonderful,super handy! Just what I was looking for. Great channel, Alexia!

  • Hi Alexia, I LOVE your videos and find your voice so calming. You’re quickly becoming one of my favorite yogis on YouTube. If possible, I would like to request a video on dealing with the guilt and regret of skipping or not fully completing a session everyday. After watching your Ashtanga video, I was inclined to try it and practice the 6x a week recommendation but I’ve been struggling. I know it defeats the purpose but I can’t help but beat myself up a little bit whenever I cut a session short or take a day off. In your ashtanga video you spoke a bit about motivation and forgiving yourself but I would love if you can further expand on that and share more tips with us!

  • really needed this! new to your channel and id love to be youtube friends xx

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