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  • Namaste! Thank you for the video, could you tell me, please, why do I have to point my feet in the beginning if I have to flex them in the middle? I struggle with that, I put so much effort to not flex them from the beginning πŸ˜‰
    Have a good weekend!

  • U r the best one thanks

  • πŸ‘

  • Oh man.. thanks so much for the towel sliding method. I can’t lift myself but with towel I can slide and not lose the core engagement so can do this to get my core stronger

  • Your way super cool! Ty
    You know all the cool tricks, you should skateboard

  • Brilliant teaching! Thank you!

  • Hi , I love your videos and you are really awesome teacher. Can you also please help me understand when to inhale and exhale during the jump through, it will really help

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