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  • Clarification on the title : I of course don't mean to suggest that attractiveness depends only on tongue posture. Nutrition of the mother and nutrition of the person during formative years surely play a very large role in how the face develops. In fact, the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration would suggest that; fat soluble vitamins being very important for fertility and proper development of young, with grains & sugar ("modern foods") being very detrimental for development and oral health especially. Oral posture would be another piece of the puzzle.
    On that note, Francis Pottenger's experiment with cats found that cats on a poor diet developed deteriorated facial structure by the third generation.

    NOTE ON SUTURE FUSION: I wish I had used the phrasing "these sutures are not completely fused together," or "sutures are not completely closed …" It's understood that after birth, the sutures of the skull "fuse" together by age 2 or so. One study found that complete closure of certain sutures does not occur until as late as 70 years old. Another found that β€œThe human frontozygomatic suture undergoes synostosis during the eigth decade of life, but does not completely fuse by the age of 95 years," based on 61 human cadavers aged 20 to 95.
    -See the linked PDF in the description for more details/links

  • I remember watching this years ago lol

  • I was so focused on watching the video that I didnt realized how quickly it ended

  • Been doing this last year, I can speak from experience that this does work. I mean it always had been.

  • Now I’m feeling a lot more concerned about all the moth breathing I’ve been doing under my mask this last year πŸ˜…

  • This explains why vegans are never attractive!

  • Unfortunately I don't hv chicks 😭😭

  • thanks for the tips hopefully this will change my ugly face, its so hard to be born naturally ugly and short very unattractive

  • Even monkeys naturally rest their tongues on the roofs of their mouths? As a bottom-rester I feel like such a failure.

  • Thank You So Much for the Tutorial on Mewing! Stay Safe & Stay Grateful! 🌷🌿🌎

  • Mewing is the best way to improve your Face and skull to be more attractive

  • So I'm not ugly. I was uneducated. Why don't they teach this at school.

  • Omg. I had a perfect nose when I was 10.. after becoming allergic to everything and stuffy nose for 10 more years, my nose has tripled in size and my jaw is receded after breathing thru mouth for so many years.. how do I fix it 😭

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