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  • Pure genius. I love this simple flow to keep my back in check.

  • Any time I have back pain, Rodney Yee comes to my rescue. He is truly amazing.

  • I have done this routine for years as it really helps lower back pain. I have his dvd.

  • Rodney Yee's yoga exercises are incredible! I've been following his techniques for 20 years, he has helped maintain strength and flexibility.

  • I need cause i have serious lower back pain problems

  • One of my favorite instructors… ❤️

  • This is really from heaven for my mid-back pain. A great rest from desk-created tension. Thank you.

  • Been in rehab from an accident getting hit by a bus and have been having back pain and even though I couldn't be as flexible as Rodney, I did what I could and I feel great

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