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  • That was AWESOME! Thank you SO much💞

  • This helped me for my periods pain !
    Thank you and i love your style♡

  • Done! I liked it

  • Danke dir! Genau das, was ich gerade nach so einem Tag gebraucht habe 🙂 Und jetzt ab in die Wanne.

  • Better 🤝❤️

  • I really appreciate the transition rest breaks. I often struggle with workouts because I just can not reach the pose as quickly as instructed. I'm not that bendy (yet)

  • Wonderful. Thanks u

  • It helps me a lot. Thank you.

  • Feeling really good. Mahalo for the video 🥰

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for this❤️✨. It relieved my lower back pain

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