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  • I loved this video! May I ask a few question because I am not used to meditation 🙂
    When we start inhaling, how much should the belly expand? I feel that I can stick it out a lot but for that I need to inhale for a long time (maybe 6 seconds). Then to fill my ribs completely I take 4 seconds and 2 more seconds for my upper chest. So I take 12 seconds to take a full inhale. Is it too slow ?
    And do you recommend holding the breath after inhaling and exhaling? I have heard of an exercise with a 1-4-2-3 ratio. It means that if I inhale for 12 seconds as I do I hold the air for 48 seconds, exhale for 24 seconds and hold without air for 36 seconds. Is it a good rythm? Wich one would you recommend?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

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