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  • Set the intention of this class to be present. Listen to your breath. Take this short time for yourself to simply be yourself. Pay attention to how your body responds to each movement and posture this time around. Then when you come back to this class again, take a note of what is different and accept it for exactly that. Just be gentle and kind to you. You deserve it. ❤️☮️

  • Thank you for the wonderful practice.🙏

  • Always love hatha yoga my back and shoulders get so tight through out the week and this helped

  • Honestly I very new to yoga so I wasn't sure if I should do this at first and it was quite tricky for me too. But it still was great. Thank you. You are a great instructor ❤️
    Lots of love.

  • Thank you so much. I forgot that Yoga is about letting go. So important in life.

  • definitely will be coming back to this one at least once a week. wow just wow so good. 🙂

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