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  • wonderful video. thank you for sharing your knowledge. On bedrest and thrilled to have this video to do.

  • Week 3 of bed rest and I just found this video. So glad I did! Thanks 🙂

  • I had a miscarriage in April I was 7 weeks pregnant now I am again pregnant and its 4 weeks they said to have bed rest are they safe for me?

  • Are these safe for women with incompetent cervix and cerclage?? Especially the lower body exercises?

  • this video is helping me the most. I broke my ankle and cant put any pressure on it and using crutches is really hard while in third trimester. i'm going to do this everyday. thank you so much <3

  • Amazing video u have helped me so much! Thank you

  • Can women with placenta previa do these?

  • Great tips. thanks for sharing this with us. Bed rest can be so difficult which i why I created a gentle stretching workout video for moms to do while on bed rest.

  • Week 2 of bed rest and this helped. Thanks! 🙂

  • Perfect! This is great especially rn 💕

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