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  • Haha the woman at the back she got 2 turns already while the others only finishing 1.. 😂

  • 330 pounds bodyweight before I`ve used the yoga book "Yοmzοzο Kena" (google it). I could not have enough sleep and then my blood pressure isn`t healthy (very high). The guide content is friendly and digestible. You would be blessed to get a duplicate on this guide. .

  • You have the best short videos

  • Hi, I just had a 30 minute hard workout at home and I wanted to strech after it and randomly came across this video and it's the best thing that has happened to me this day! I feel so calm and sooooo good! I'm defenately going to do more yoga
    I subscribed and I love u so much, I'll do your videos everyday

  • Good job and beautiful as usual.

  • Done this in Morning today

  • Good morning…today I repeat this….

  • One thousandth liker

  • Thank you so much 💗 it's become my daily routine short and effective
    God bless you

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