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  • Core Activation all day!!!!! Great talk! Ad I agree, sedentary lifestyle is a total different issue! Movement is medicine!

  • so does it help with overall health/fitness or just back pain (already learned to deal with that)?

  • Do we always prefer are hip hire than knees .

  • Mobility and stability work together. When you increase stability, you decrease mobility, and vice versa. In this case, a balance ball acts as a mobilizer or de-stabilizer. Depending on how you look at it, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage. From my perspective, this allows us to move more freely in a more constrained position (sitting) where movement is reduced compared to standing. Often, sitting can be seen as a negative factor for our health. A common misunderstanding is that sitting as an activity or a position is the cause of many health problems. A decreased overall movement as a result of sitting because of a constrained position is rather a problem. So, from that perspective, a balance ball can be used to your advantage as it can increase your movement while sitting.

  • I sit on a Exercise Ball more then 6 hours per day.
    I take a break and stand up every 20 -30 min for about 1-3 minutes. I feel great

  • Can sitting on a ball help you lose weight?

  • I had massive lower back problems. they are gone since I just sit on a gym ball during home office. Do not listen to the so called "studies" of the NYT or similar. There is a complete "ergonomic" chair industry behind it that want you to buy all that crazy chairs for a lot of money.

  • 💥 I love how you explain this in an educational, non bias way!!

    Plus you are easy on the eyes 👀😌.

    I've ordered my flex ball chair and will keep you updated…

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