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  • Put a load of pillows in your bed and it can help from rolling over too

  • team broken clavicle where you at šŸ™‹ā€ā™‚ļø

  • Really helped

  • Thank you

  • Broke mine from rugby league

  • Just snapped mine most likely gonna need surgery

  • I have broken collarbone while it was healing i broket i again

  • Great tips. A problem Iā€™ve ran into: how the hell do you get shirts on and off lol. Spent a good 10 minutes this morning trying to change

  • I broke yesterday šŸ˜¢ thanks for a tip gonna try this..

  • This is for those injured on their right side…but not for those left aide injuries…or so i think? Coz i have mine on the lefty…šŸ˜”

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