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  • Should I have a warm up before doing this exercises?

  • I'm 70 and notice nearly everyone my age is walking more bow-legged; I noticed it in my own gait as I was approaching a windowed store door. What you say about hip weakness contributing to bowed legs makes sense, because I'm taking a shot at avoiding hip replacement surgery. Thank you for this helpful, visual and concise video.

  • Mam i am 25 can these help me to straight my legs

  • Hi Dr. Jo, i just subscribed to you..I was told a few years ago the terrible pain I have in my knees is due to no Cartledge left now my legs also bow.. I've tried to lose weight and do exercises to strengthen my legs,I get severe leg cramps that wake me up at night ,what could I take and should I be doing these exercises anyway…?My Dr. Has me talking motrin and pain killers..Thank you for your videos,I hope you could write me back..

  • Mam really taking excercise correction of bow legs
    Mam i am very sad i have bow legs

  • Your exercises are very helpful and easy .Thank you very much. Your are so kind.

  • Should i do these exercise only if have problem with my knees???eagerly waiting for your reply…..

  • Vvv good exercise

  • Good to know

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