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  • Buy a printable worksheet with these Calf Pain Stretches & Exercises at:
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  • So happy and thankful I found this video. I started running again about a month a go after a 10 year hiatus and there’s this unexplainable pain just below my calf muscles during the run. After doing the exercises in this video, I was able to do a 6k run without experiencing that same pain!

  • I dont have resistance band. Is there any substitute? Done subscribing. Im a post mild stroke patient…

  • thank you so much for this, question, what should i do if i can’t flex my foot😭ive been walking on my tippy toes bc i can’t stand flat footed it hurts so bad

  • I slipped on stairs and aggravated my sciatic nerve and heel. Pain and numbness on back of thigh, calf, and foot. The calf and sciatic exercises really help just after a couple days. Thank you!

  • Thanks a million. Have a recurring pain in my left leg below the knee but I think these will help

  • Whenever I run 5k my upper calf tendon become painful, and I should take 5 days to recover.
    What can I do for not having these pains during my runs?

  • Hello! Thanks Dr. Jo. I was cycling faster the past few weeks and felt a twinge when I was pacing walking backward and forward for a warm up. Do you think if it’s tight stationary cycling should be waited on? If I do I will try it slowly and not push into any pain. I sent an email to my PT and trying some these light stretches while I wait to hear back. I’m doing some self massage, and heat. My calves work a lot with the rehab for my hip labrum tear strengthening my glutes

  • Those sneaky lunges look tough/advanced. Love the name too 😅 made me giggle

  • my calf 2 days ago pulled can i start execices

  • What day into injury should this be done day 5 week 1 week 2 a month ?

  • This has to be the most helpful YouTube channel right now. Raw info and straight to the point. Love it.

  • Thanks dr🌹

  • You are the best thank you

  • i jump roped for 40 minutes then realized i have to go to soccer practice

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