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  • so great to do this. I am recovering from ankle surgery and need to get motivated. Any ankle related exercised would be appreciated

  • I support a young woman who has Down Syndrome, we do chair yoga three days a week and it has been a fantastic way for her to work on her flexibility and balance. Thank you for sharing your excellent love and light!

  • Thank you Adriene for this lovely yoga class. Just what the body needed. Would love to see more yoga for seniors.

  • Thanks, good times…. Nice to see some Chair Moves: interestingly, I miss * BENJI’s ( spelling?) presence….Anyways, my Chair was a little lower but worked out pretty well.. And, nice to,have other “ MOVES”: I am 73 , an Ostamate:meaning some times on & a lot of “Belly stuff not workable , pushing on Herniations & Appliance “fittings”, preclude lot of Planks/etc”, though adaptions help.. Also, interestingly, my Spouse does a lot of your Programs & my Daughter a Practitioner…….good times. …

  • Thank you, Adrienne! Wonderful class.

  • Thank you Adrienne. Your Yoga sessions are very helpful.

  • U

  • That was incredible!
    Thank You Adriene! 🙏

  • Thank you Adrienne

  • I have to thank you for what you do, this was my first time tuning in and your calming voice and the breathing techniques calmed me right down and relaxed me immediately. I been experiencing overwhelming anxiety( don't know why) and my sister from D.C. recommended I start watching your video's and ohhhh!!! what a blessing YOU! and my SISTER! Thank You!!! for being you. 😘 💞

  • Thank you Adrienne.

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