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  • Thank you for this video. I recently had another surgery to lengthen my fusion, after fracturing a couple of the vertebra. The surgery was ruff with complications. I am walking now, but the pain in my lower back has made it impossible to move in any direction. I am hoping this will help in getting some motion back.

  • Are you desire that the muscle attaches to the vertebrae of the low back, joins into a tendon on top of the femur and moves through the pelvis. [More Details Here==>> ] In addition, it attaches so it’s joined to your own respiration, and upon all of the important organs sit.

  • Please finish video next time

  • Thank you for presenting the poses slowly and talking thru them, so that I can follow along with you. The poses feel relaxing yet strengthening, a great combination. My back already feels more limber, relaxed and strong. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you. Much gratitude ♥

  • Good yoga

  • Please can you give me your links …thank you..

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