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  • Love your program 🥰many thanks

  • linda

  • This was great kino getting back to yoga vibes in the summer this is a perfect place to start !love and light

  • That’s the perfect balance I’m looking for. Not too stressful yet I can still feel my muscles worked up all the way. The relaxation coming after this is so wonderful! Thanks for posting such beautiful routine!! NAMASTE <3

  • Thank you 💐💜

  • Hi Kino, I have a question – Its too hot in India 33°(91°F). I get exhausted way too soon. Is this normal? i just do 2 Suryanamaskara A and B each and then reach until Parsvottanasana at best. I then practise restorative yoga – Hamstring, quad, backbends with blocks, agnistabmhasana. Also i take a lot of breaks in between to cool down. I am not able to practise Ashtanga sequence. I do drink lot of fluids(buttermilk,water). This has been bothering me from more than a year now. How to deal with this?

  • You are great yogi

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