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  • Is it just me who vibrates like a Nokia 3310 every now and then during the practice? 😅

  • Halleluja indeed! A great way to integrate my Catholic faith into a Yoga practice! Thanks Adriene!

  • Oh this was so painful for me 😣 my wrists and knees were crying out. In fact I hardly did anything that involved holding my body up on hands or knees. I did do a little bit to start getting them stronger but otherwise I stretched while seated. Any tips on getting rid of this pain?

  • This was challenging and fun. Thank you!

  • day 2 done 💛 thank you. i'm loving it.

  • just love these classes- I'm new to yoga and am really love your style. I especially love how you leave a few minutes of silence at the end of your classes actually give us space to observe savasana instead of having to jump up and hit pause so it doesn't go into the next video.Thank you!

  • this was so hard for me

  • I have been meeting Adriene on the mat every day since I discovered her (and yoga) on April 6th, during lockdown. I had just finished the Breathe series and re-started this 30 Days challenge when I broke my foot 😖. I was afraid I would not be able to do yoga for the next few months, but then I realized that, as Adriene always reminds us, I "have the tools" to modify the practice to meet my needs. I will be forever grateful for everything that I have learned from her 💗🙏.

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