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  • Put a few days in between before taking this challenge. Sorry. But thank you for lesson.

  • I feel ya

  • My sixth day in 6 days! 💪 Thanks a lot Tim 🙏🙏

  • Had to go back, watch the balancing triangle sequence, and try it again. That was challenging and super fun. I've practiced for about three years with someone calling out a sequence of familiar poses. It is a little more difficult to learn to listen to detailed step-by-step instructions of each pose not quite knowing where I'm heading. I'm getting better at knowing right from left quickly, and I'm thankful to be growing in my practice by paying attention to the details.

  • I just want to say that all the little "mess ups" in your video makes me even like doing yoga with you even more. You are so down to earth and REAL. Love it! Thanks!

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