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  • Fantastic, thank you

  • Thank you Kristine, this is a great sequence for opening the side body, neck and shoulder. The Science of Slow is the way to go!

  • Really enjoyed this practice. Question what are you doing with back leg hip?

  • This is so amazing. This really opened up something in my hip. I teach was teaching a cardio class today and aggravated my hip so bad that I couldn't put weight on that leg without my hip hurting. Thank you!

  • This was so powerful. For someone who teaches Fitness/flow Yoga i do by pass that 'feeling' of mindfulness sometimes…this really made me so much more aware. I felt a sense of light-headedness and buzzy over my body, and almost made me feel sleepy. Plus my right side of body gets so so tight, sometimes all the stretching in the world won't reach it…BUT THIS did!! I could also feel how different with the 'pause' that my right side of brain felt different to my left and vice versa..Thank you. I am doing the Science of Slow and love it. X

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