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  • Hi Kristie can u please help me fix my pain, it has already been t months. The pain is directly behind my knee, it so painful that I can’t even stretch my whole leg straight, if I need to stretch it straight I will have a ton of pain and after a pop sound I won’t feel painful, but when I bend my leg again and stretch it it will have the same cycle, and my leg won’t feel painful if I bend it from a straight line. Also when I use my strength the stuff under the bone next to my knee will feel extream pain.

  • Had right hip arthroplasty in 2011. The most painful issue was the IT band felt like someone had beaten it with a small nailing hammer. I would scream just to move my leg forward and back. It felt good to change positions but the pain was a rush as Evel Knievel said.

  • I have been having pain on my it band for almost 2 years now and I can't believe that I finally found this video now, this video really helps with my it band. Today is only the first day of me doing this hopefully I will be better for the upcoming future. Thank you so much @kristie ennis

  • Beautiful explanation.

  • I love you for sharing this, those exercises helped me a lot I’ve been suffering from this for months and I even went to the physical therapist 4 times but that only helped short term I would hug you right away for sharing this❤️❤️

  • IT band lost tightness straight after, still slight pain in the joint to knee but hoping this clears up after a few days of using this exercise. Thank you!

  • any tips for tennis elbow ?

  • Enjoy your body and looks…life is short…

  • Thanks a lot Doc, It worked like a magic.
    Thanks a lot.🔥❤

  • 1. massage Tensor fascia lata (1:50)
    2. massage quadriceps muscle (2:52)
    3. Stretch Tensor fascia lata for 1-2 minutes (4:10)
    4. stretch quadriceps muscle (5:20) (alternative if the first one hurts: 5:50)

    Remember: release muscle first, only then stretch it!
    Do this every other day

  • Don’t know why this has been recommended to me but….thank you!😜

  • Thank you Dr Kristie! Really helpful. Do we do everything on the other side too? x

  • Thank you so much! Instant relief.

  • Thanks so much! You have been a great help today. Subscribed.

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