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  • A beautiful voice over

  • Although he is working quickly through the poses, he is repeating them in various ways, and they become more difficult as he advances. Excellent .

  • ¡Gracias! Es una excelente forma de adquirir flexibilidad y fluidez en el movimiento de la mano con la respiración.

  • I have been with Rodney Lee for 40 yrs
    He is the very best! This is a great opener for yoga if you are new to the discipline.

  • I like this coach. Does he have a private channel?

  • 🤩💯‼️❣

  • Rodney u the MAN SO AWESOME

  • Did the DVD about 15 years ago. 😳 Glad to see this man still going strong, stretchin and stayin flexible keeps you younger. Namaste mother lovers

  • Excellent workout. Perfect way to start my day!

  • This is my go to yoga practice after treadmill. It helps my knees so much!

  • Very nice,I think I can try . this. All muscles are working.

  • One of my favorite Yoga instructors over several years: "A.M. Yoga", etc… Thank you, Rodney Yee! 😁

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