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  • Does this exercise suitable for people having degenerated disc in c4, c5, c6 and l4 , l5, S1?

  • I tried it and it helps me a lot. I am able to touch the ground with my fingers. Now, I am trying to touch the ground with my palm. It feels good and so much relaxing. Thank you Adrienne

  • Thank you! That was good. ☺️

  • I agree with the last comment – forward folds are so difficult !!!
    I understand why it is called yoga practice as I never seem to find it easy but am inspired daily to do better. This is day 105 of consecutive yoga and I will probably be still feeling like this on day 1005 !
    I am not giving up though as the spiritual , meditative and physical components ofyoga light my fire and not just in the abdominals
    Keep it up Adriene you are a life changer

  • I love forward bend stretch. But it gives me anxiety when I bend forward it feels like I get extrem tension in my head. Is that normal? My back, neck, shoulders are super tight

  • What if I have a herniated disc desease? I’m experiencing pain while doing this exercise?

  • Although I can just touch the flopr with straight legs, even with bending my knees i have pins and needles all through my legs and feet. Any suggestions?

  • why would you play wit me why would you lay wit me but you ain't stay wit me

  • Felt so good and harrd! thanks girl!

  • i jst wanted to know… if this safe for patients suffering from lower back pain
    L5 S1
    pls let me noe…

  • Nice

  • These single pose videos go by so fast! It’s hard to believe they’re really the better part of ten minutes.

  • Completed #5 23/11/20 Namaste x

  • Lovely Dog, He also does Uttanasana…..

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